Makerspace Ideaology

A Makerspace is a place where people can share knowledge and tools to create. The possibilities are limitless—arts and crafts, electronics, 3D printing. The only limit is the ingenuity of our makerspace's members!

The UTDesign Makerspace is a student-run, club-based makerspace open for UT Dallas students and faculty.

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What tools are available

The UTDesign Studio has lots of tools available including 3D printers and a machine shop with woodworking tools and some metalworking tools.

We have also reached out to other on-campus organizations that might have cool tools and we will give you access to special resources over the metroplex.

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Use the App

This is is app made by the UTDesign Makerspace. However, it does way more than give information for the Makerspace.

You can get Announcements and the latest Campus Events all around campus. Did we mention that you can also see the Dining timings on campus!

You can also use our app to showcase your events and updates. It's also an open project to develop for.

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